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We provide our plan design and administrative services for cross tested 401(k) profit sharing plans and both traditional and cash balance defined benefit plans.  These can be either stand alone or combined to maximize benefits and deductions while maintaining flexibility.  Not only will we work with you to design a plan that maximizes tax deferred deductions for principal employees, our highly trained staff will work with you each year to make sure we continue to provide you individualized contributions with your deduction and staff costs in mind.


There are many complex requirements and deadlines involved in maintaining a retirement plan. The highly trained staff of The Nolan Company provides assistance during every step in the process.

​The Nolan Company provides a full range of ministerial administration services for our clients including:

      • Determination of optimal contribution based on plan provisions and client’s needs
      • Assist in the determination of participant Eligibility
      • Reconcile assets and auditing 401(k) Deferral timing for DOL required timelines
      • Preparation of annual report and employee certificates
      • Compliance testing, including 410(b), 401(a)4, 401(a)26, ADP/ACP, and top heavy
      • Preparation and filing of Annual Form 5500
      • Actuarial Services for defined benefit plans
      • Calculation of Distributions, including necessary paperwork and tax withholding filings and coordination with asset custodian and preparation of Form 1099-R if needed.
      • Preparation of annual notices, including Safe Harbor and PBGC notices as required
      • Coordinate with ERISA attorney for plan document services


After consulting with a potential client and/or their adviser to discuss their individual savings and deduction needs, we will gather census data and prepare a feasibility study at no charge. In this study we outline the plans available to meet these needs as well as the costs and responsibilities for each type of plan. 

If there is an existing plan, we will review and compare our recommendations to the deductions and benefits previously received.

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